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Saturday, January 27, 2007

does anyone but me read this anymore?

posted by L | 8:35 AM

jeez. I won't apologize, but I'll hope someone reads this. I'm busy. that's that.

John stayed in the hospital a whole week. He walked from ICU up to his room, without the stairs, and walked every time the physical therapist came to see him. He impressed everyone with his quick recovery, and the truth is, impressed me, too.

it's been almost a year now since all of this happened. He's still here, but he hasn't been the angel with regard to lifestyle changes he thought he would be. :)

Turns out, that makes him perfectly normal. I read in a recent article that 9 out of 10 heart patients fail to follow their doctor's advice for diet changes and exercise needs. Good or bad, at least he's normal.

So we go on, day to day, trying to figure out a way for him to retire, or back off his work schedule, and still afford our lives! we had good holidays this past year, and New Year's Eve is always an auspicious time for us, so we made that extra lovely.

in short, we continue to love more than we thought possible.

now we just have to figure out the rest.

Blessed be,

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