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Sunday, December 12, 2004

i did it! i did it!

posted by L | 11:37 AM

okay, so i did it. i swatted my first behind.

John and I have talked a lot about my switch tendencies, and finding ways to explore them. i’ve known for a while that i’ve wanted to try it, have in fact seen lots of people i’d like to take a paddle to (both seriously and not), but haven’t had the opportunity to do anything . . . until last night.

our group’s holiday party was last nite, and we did a gift exchange in which one picked a “task” from a bowl of options, decided whether one wanted to perform it or be performed on, and then picked a gift. one of the members picked “experience 15 swats with a paddle”, and said “I think i’d like you to do it, if you like.” i said “I’d be honored,” and i picked out a sweet little leather slapper that i happen to love to have used on me, and that felt right in my hand for my first time. i had him bend over a chair, and swung away! he counted, i swung, and we both had a lovely little moment.

i have to say, it was FANTASTIC for me. as it turns out, he isn’t much into pain in general, having not explored much of that side of his submission, so for him to have asked is doubly cool. knowing that, i felt i picked the instrument well, as it can be very gentle, and i also used a fairly light touch, since it was my first time, which i think helped him along as well. but the feeling of him giving up that little bit of control to me, of exchanging that little bit of power with me, was pretty damned fabulous.

and i can honestly say, i want some more.

the party in general was a lovely time. John and i didn’t have a full scene, but i picked “experience breast flogging”, and he was more than happy to oblige, knowing as he does that i do happen to love that a lot. there was also a waxing demo, which was pretty damned cool. the top used red and green and purple and white candles, and by the time he was finished, the design on the bottom’s chest was just . . .lovely. and she obviously enjoyed herself thoroughly! it was a great evening, even if John and i were both pretty darned exhausted by the end, just from the culmination of a pretty long week.

so i hope to explore this side of myself some more, very soon. there’s a possibility of others willing to be my bottoms, and now that i’ve done it once, i am more than ready to actively pursue some real time experience.

hoo-ray, and merry darned yule, everyone. i feel fantastic!

blessed be,

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